May 4 online forms deleted

This article was published in May 2023 and may be outdated.

Did you or someone you know fill out an online service application or request on Thursday, May 4 between 8:45 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. through the Manitoba Hydro website? Unfortunately, a technical issue may have deleted your application.

The problem was an isolated incident and immediately addressed. It was caused by an internal server upgrade, and not a cyber-attack so no personal or project information was compromised.

If you were one of the customers who submitted a form related to one of the areas below during that time, please resubmit your application form.

How do I know if my application/request was affected?

If you have your confirmation ID number provided when you submitted the application, you can check it against the list below.

  • If your confirmation number is on that list, then you will have to resubmit your information.
  • If your confirmation number is NOT on the list, then your application was not affected, and no action is required.

If you do not have your confirmation number but submitted a service request to one of the affected forms during that period, we request that you resubmit your application preemptively to ensure it is received by Manitoba Hydro.

We know this is inconvenient and appreciate your help.

List of affected (deleted) application/request forms

If your confirmation number appears below, you will need to resubmit the application/request to Manitoba Hydro. Use the links above to navigate to the correct form.

Confirmation # Application/Request Form Time Submitted
CSPI-230504-47 Commercial service application 10:44:29 a.m.
CSPI-230504-54 Commercial service application 11:01:54 a.m.
CSPI-230504-35 Commercial service application 10:19:57 a.m.
CSPI-230504-41 Commercial service application 10:30:17 a.m.
CSPI-230504-33 Commercial service application 10:18:46 a.m.
CSPI-230504-17 Commercial service application 9:08:06 a.m.
CSPI-230504-67 Commercial service application 12:05:26 p.m.
CSPI-230504-66 Commercial service application 12:00:26 p.m.
DCA-230504-34 Damage claim application 10:19:11 a.m.
HD-230504-51 Hot dig excavation application 10:57:28 a.m.
HD-230504-37 Hot dig excavation application 10:23:26 a.m.
HD-230504-29 Hot dig excavation application 10:02:37 a.m.
HD-230504-20 Hot dig excavation application 9:26:39 a.m.
LLX-230504-53 Landlord Express application 11:01:34 a.m.
CSPI-230504-56 Residential service application 11:12:32 a.m.
CSPI-230504-65 Residential service application 11:53:51 a.m.
CSPI-230504-64 Residential service application 11:50:29 a.m.
CSPI-230504-63 Residential service application 11:47:21 a.m.
CSPI-230504-61 Residential service application 11:42:58 a.m.
CSPI-230504-49 Residential service application 10:50:23 a.m.
CSPI-230504-46 Residential service application 10:44:24 a.m.
CSPI-230504-42 Residential service application 10:31:14 a.m.
CSPI-230504-36 Residential service application 10:23:16 a.m.
CSPI-230504-30 Residential service application 10:05:11 a.m.
CSPI-230504-27 Residential service application 9:58:02 a.m.
CSPI-230504-25 Residential service application 9:54:47 a.m.
CSPI-230504-21 Residential service application 9:42:30 a.m.
RSWP-230504-50 Self-wire permit application 10:50:45 a.m.
RSWP-230504-31 Self-wire permit application 10:06:31 a.m.
SR-230504-14 Service removal request 8:51:14 a.m.
SR-230504-60 Service removal request 11:28:09 a.m.
SR-230504-52 Service removal request 11:00:45 a.m.
SR-230504-38 Service removal request 10:27:21 a.m.
SR-230504-22 Service removal request 9:44:44 a.m.
SR-230504-15 Service removal request 8:56:55 a.m.
CSBM-230504-48 Structure move clearance permit application 10:46:15 a.m.
CSBM-230504-45 Structure move clearance permit application 10:37:47 a.m.
CSBM-230504-44 Structure move clearance permit application 10:37:20 a.m.
CSBM-230504-23 Structure move clearance permit application 9:48:11 a.m.
SD-230504-32 Temporary service disconnection request 10:17:01 a.m.
SD-230504-19 Temporary service disconnection request 9:26:02 a.m.
SD-230504-16 Temporary service disconnection request 9:00:54 a.m.
TREE-230504-26 Tree safety assessment request 9:55:46 a.m.
TREE-230504-24 Tree safety assessment request 9:51:31 a.m.
TREE-230504-59 Tree safety assessment request 11:21:05 a.m.
TREE-230504-57 Tree safety assessment request 11:13:14 a.m.
TREE-230504-40 Tree safety assessment request 10:28:15 a.m.
TREE-230504-43 Tree safety assessment request 10:34:54 a.m.
TREE-230504-28 Tree safety assessment request 9:58:58 a.m.
TREE-230504-58 Tree safety assessment request 11:16:48 a.m.
TREE-230504-62 Tree safety assessment request 11:43:24 a.m.