A ballpoint pen could save your life this spring

A close-up image of several ballpoint pens stacked on top of a book, with their caps strewn away from the camera in the background.

If you’re planning on digging in your yard this spring, a pen could save your life.

A ballpoint pen is just about 15 centimetres long with the cap on. Digging at or below that depth can be very dangerous if you have buried natural gas or electrical lines in your yard.

Click Before You Dig — so you can know what’s below. At least three business days before you want to start working (a few weeks in advance is best), submit a free locate request and the Click Before you Dig crew will mark where all the underground utilities are. Once they’ve marked your property, you can dig with confidence as long as your project meets clearance requirements.

Don’t put yourself, your family, or your neighbours at risk: if it’s deeper than a pen, think again. Use Click Before You Dig.