Delay in payment processing affecting some customers

Update April 22, 2024: payment processing problem mostly corrected

The issue with our third-party payment processor is mostly resolved and the majority of payments have been applied to customer accounts. We’re working to address the last few delayed payments and to reverse any related late fees and suspend collection activities that were triggered by the problem.

If your payment is still not reflected on your account or you have an active payment arrangement, please call us at 1-888-MB-HYDRO (1-888-624-9376).

Again, if you are affected by this issue, we appreciate your patience.

As of April 5, some customer payments were not applied to customer accounts. It was a third-party payment processing issue they’re working to resolve as quickly as possible — in the meantime, nobody is getting charged late fees if they paid us during this period.

As a result of this issue, a number of customers who paid us in this time frame got late payment notices. If you’re one of those customers, we’re sorry. It can be scary to get an overdue notice or be told you haven’t paid something when you have.

We’re working with the payment processor to fix this issue as fast as we can. In the meantime, we have a notice on our online account and app and an automated message when people phone us about billing, as well as social media updates to explaining what’s going on.

We encourage customers with existing payment arrangements to call us at 204-480-5900 to ensure their payments are processed correctly.