How our system works

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Restoring backup power downtown

Manitoba Hydro has replaced sections of damaged high-voltage cable beneath the Assiniboine River. The W9 River Crossing Replacement Project, which began just over a year ago, is about to wrap.

Powering new buildings

Manitoba Hydro Energy Service Advisors like Justin Morris work with developers to get power up and running. Osborne Terraces, a new building in the village, has been a project for the past year.

Ice melting gone viral

Providing Energy for Life means coming up with innovative solutions to provincial problems. A long time ago, we figured out ice on power lines causes outages – so we came up with a made-in-Manitoba solution to keep the power on for our customers.

BANG: why we use implosion sleeves

Implosion sleeves are a specialized piece of equipment that uses a small detonation to permanently fuse power lines together. Manitoba Hydro crews recently used them on a transmission line in Brandon and filmed the process.