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Trouble paying your bill? We can help

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things for many people. For some customers, paying their monthly energy bill has become a challenge. If you are having trouble paying your bill, you could be eligible for a payment arrangement to help ease the burden.

Trouble paying your bill?

Manitoba Hydro has several programs in place that can support you in these difficult times. We can work with you to establish a reasonable payment plan appropriate to your situation.

LED street light update

About 97% of all street lights from Emerson to Churchill are now LED – that’s approximately 130,000 lights with about 75,000 in Winnipeg.

Controlling zebra mussels in northern Manitoba

We’ve taken a leading role in tracking and monitoring zebra mussels in Manitoba’s river system because they pose a risk to the safe operation of our generating stations. Here’s what we’re doing to protect our stations from the invasive species.