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EnerTrend is an energy-profiling tool developed specifically for large industrial and commercial operations. It allows you to be proactive in controlling your energy consumption and reduce your costs. Energy profiles show you how and when you’re using your energy; the important information you need to manage consumption, reduce peak demand, and lower costs. Advanced interval metering is installed at your site and collects data on the energy consumption of your operation.


  • Energy profiles can be generated for time frame.
  • The software processes your data and forwards it to your password-protected account. You can view your energy consumption profiles on the EnerTrend website at any time. EnerTrend is available for both electric and natural gas customers, and it generates a variety of energy profiles for your business.
  • The electric profiles in EnerTrend provide demand (kVA), consumption (kW), and reactive power (kVAR) values as well as power factor, and load factor calculations.
  • The natural gas profiles provide hourly and daily volumes in cubic metres, as well as load factor calculations.
  • Peak reports are available for both electric and natural gas.

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The energy consumption profiles allow you to see when your peak demand occurs, as well as energy use throughout a particular time frame. You can identify cost-saving measures:

  • load shift to reduce your peak billing demand;
  • compare energy usage among your other facilities;
  • measure the effectiveness of your energy efficiency programs;
  • flag wasteful energy consumption and inadvertent demand;
  • chart the power factor of your operation, a measure of how efficiently your electricity is working for you;
  • identify malfunctioning equipment to avoid unnecessary downtime;
  • chart the load factor of your operation, a measurement of how effectively you are using the energy capacity in your facility.

EnerTrend can help with monthly reconciliation and cost allocation. Its energy management capabilities help businesses remain profitable in a highly competitive environment. EnerTrend shows opportunities to reduce your peak electrical demand by as little as 10 kVA per month or by reducing winter peak gas demand by approximately 130 m3. We offer reduced EnerTrend fees to monitor facilities with multiple meters or companies with multiple sites.


  • connection fee of $270 for each electricity and natural gas meter connected to EnerTrend;
  • monthly fee: $80 for first meter, $65 for any additional meters on site;
  • 2-year term (cannot be cancelled);
  • you are responsible for any additional natural gas meter conversion costs.