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OilTrack is an oil analysis service that provides commercial customers a platform for advanced maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment. Analysis of these lubricating and insulating oils tells plant managers how well the fluid is performing, and reveals conditions or problems developing within the equipment.


  • extend the life of electrical and mechanical equipment;
  • optimize maintenance costs;
  • reduce equipment downtime;
  • prevent failures through early detection;
  • reduce insurance premiums;
  • increase overall production;
  • meet regulatory requirements.

Lubricating oil

Lubricating oil analysis provides information about the performance of oil as well as the condition of the equipment in which it is used. Analysis will determine if the lubricant has been in service too long, when it should be replaced, or if it has been over-maintained. Wear particles in the lubricant can indicate if wear is normal or if mechanical problems are occurring which may lead to premature failure.

Insulating oil

Monitoring and periodic testing of an oil’s dielectric or dissolved gas content can alert of immediate or progressing deficiencies. These tests provide indicators as to the occurrence of lightning over voltages, short circuit faults, and loose or overloaded connections inside the electrical equipment. OilTrack services assist in predicting maintenance and reconditioning requirements, reducing the risk of unexpected interruptions or catastrophic failure.

PCB testing

Our chemical laboratory services include cost-effective solutions for polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) detection, with available services in decontamination. Considering increasing health concerns and regulatory pressure to reduce PCB levels even lower, our OilTrack services use superior gas chromatography/mass spectrometry methods for detecting down to 0.5 ppm total PCB.