Scholarships for all students

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We provide funding for students pursuing full-time studies in Engineering or Electrical Technology. All eligible applicants can apply for these scholarships.

Engineering entrance scholarship

We offer scholarships to 3 students. Each student is selected from a different area:

  • Winnipeg – $2,800 scholarship;
  • Rural Manitoba – $3,000 scholarship;
  • Northern Manitoba (above the 53rd parallel) – $3,200 scholarship.

You must enrol in Engineering at the University of Manitoba immediately following high school graduation.

Selection is based on the highest average high school grade per geographic area. The University of Manitoba Financial Aid & Awards office selects the student with the highest average high school grade per geographic area and notifies us.

Recipients are awarded in June/July.

Electrical technology scholarship

We offer a $1,000 scholarship to 1 student.

  • You must be enrolled in your second year of Electrical Engineering Technology program at Red River Polytech.

Selection is based on academic performance. Red River Polytech selects the student based on academic performance and notifies the student.