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  • Permits & inspections
    Get the applications, permits, and inspections that you need if you are building a new home or business, or making changes to an existing electrical or natural gas installation. Take advantage of a permit account and ePermits.
  • Manitoba electrician’s license verification renewal
    Complete an application to provide verification of a Manitoba electrician’s license renewal.
  • Service & lighting inspections
    Find applications for new service, removal or disconnection of services, roadway and sentinel lighting, and pre-service applications.
  • Click before you dig
    Identify underground electrical and natural gas lines before you dig to prevent personal injury or death, costly repairs, equipment damage, service outages, and environmental pollution.
  • Hot dig/safety watcher excavation permit
    Apply to safely excavate with water or air pressure and provide a safety watcher for your site. Only contractors with qualified operators can apply for this permit.
  • Developer Choice Program
    Developers can choose how to plan and provide underground service in their new residential development.
  • Safety around our equipment & facilities
    Learn how to be safe around our equipment, natural gas pipelines, and more.
  • Supplier resources for financing programs
    Participating suppliers for our residential financing programs can access our resources online.