Energy benchmarking & services

We offer a variety of low-cost and no-cost services that will help measure, track, and reduce the amount of energy that your business uses.

  • ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager
    Measure and track energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Benchmark the performance of 1 building or a whole portfolio of buildings.
  • EnerTrend
    Large industrial and commercial customers can measure and track energy consumption through energy profiles created specifically for your business.
  • OilTrack
    Realize the benefits of regular oil analysis, predict mechanical/electrical failures, take proactive/preventative measures to avoid equipment/oil degradation, failure, and unscheduled downtime. Regular testing may be part of your insurance requirements.
  • Energy efficiency screening studies
    Offered to industrial and commercial facilities at no cost to address energy efficiency potential and to identify saving opportunities, programs, and incentives that provide the greatest value.
  • Lighting studies
    Work with an expert to identify energy saving opportunities and productivity improvements associated with lighting.
  • Energy management engineering service
    Identify low-cost measures and create an energy management plan that will lead to enhanced productivity.
  • Recreation facilities evaluation
    Work towards reducing your facility’s operating costs by completing our survey. We’ll review and provide you with a report that includes potential energy saving measures.
  • Religious buildings initiative
    Complete an assessment and receive financial support to help reduce energy costs.
  • Power quality engineering services
    Work with an expert to determine if there is a problem with your power quality. A brief feedback report is supplied that identifies the magnitude of the issue at the reference point.