Energy management engineering service

Our energy systems group helps large businesses analyze their work site compared to other industrial sites throughout Manitoba. The objective is to identify low-cost energy management measures and create an energy management plan for industrial facilities.

A customized energy management program includes:

  • a site walk-through with both plant and energy systems staff, to identify processes and equipment for potential energy reductions;
  • energy systems staff will perform a historical analysis to determine electrical use patterns and performance of major electrical equipment;
  • tentative projects will be identified including budget pricing for a basic energy management system for both electrical and natural gas monitoring;
  • where cost effective, detailed studies may be required and may be subsidized through our energy efficiency incentives;
  • possible reduction of capital costs through application to the our Performance Optimization Program.

This service has proved effective and energy management systems have been installed at the majority of the largest industrial users in Manitoba. Typical incentives have assisted through supplying from 10 to 40% of required funds.