Set up your business in Manitoba

World-class companies are experiencing continued success in Manitoba. Along with other important site location factors, many companies have discovered Manitoba’s strengths:

  • energy advantage;
  • attractive electricity rates;
  • clean, renewable hydropower;
  • energy system reliability;
  • energy saving solutions and support;
  • specialized expertise.

As each new project’s energy requirements can differ in size, scope, and location, we provide support and respond to agency and/or potential customers’ electricity and natural gas service questions on a case-by-case basis.

Our Business Development Consultant provides interested customers with:

  • energy operating cost comparisons between different jurisdictions;
  • utility infrastructure location and energy capacity information;
  • details on the customer information required and process flow details of service extensions for large electricity and natural gas requirements;
  • available opportunities to support efficient operations in Manitoba.

Resources for new industrial and commercial business inquiries

Supply capacity map for infrastructure planning

If you are thinking of bringing your business to Manitoba or expanding an existing Manitoba business, we can help you determine, from an energy supply perspective, the best area in our province to establish your operation. Use our supply capacity map in the early stages of business development to identify areas where your electric or natural gas supply connection may need less work and time to connect to our energy system.

If an area on the map doesn't have available capacity for your business requirements it doesn’t mean you can't set up your business there; it just may take longer to be connected or come at a higher cost as system improvements may be needed.

Once you have viewed the supply capacity map and have selected potential areas of the province where you may want to develop your business it is very important that you contact our Business Development Consultant to begin the planning process with us. You can begin the planning process regardless if the area you are interested in has enough capacity or not.

Learn more about and view our supply capacity map.