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Solar water heating

The cost of heating water accounts for approximately 20% of the energy that is used in most homes. Solar water heating systems are usually designed to supply an average household with 30 to 60% of this energy. Install a solar water heating system to reduce your energy bill and your impact on the environment.

These systems use heat from sunlight to pre-heat water that enters your water tank. Your water heater will use less energy to reach the desired temperature for all your household hot water needs.

Solar water heating systems can operate year round and typically raise water temperatures by 23 to 28°C, which means you could see savings of up to $175 a year on your energy bill.


  • lower energy bills;
  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions;
  • less demand on your conventional water heater system;
  • improved heat recovery times;
  • increased equipment life;
  • use less non-renewable energy resources compared to a standard heating system;
  • systems are less affected by increases in utility rates;
  • a reliable, low risk investment;
  • service life can exceed 25 years.
Annual energy savings with solar water heating systems
Household size Average hot water usage
Annual electric savings
Annual gas savings
2 people 110 1,200 160
3 to 4 people 160 1,700 230
5 or more people 220+ 2,200 310
All information is estimated, based on averages. Water usage in individual households may vary from these averages. Individual households may see more or less savings by adding a solar water heating system.

Installation costs (including equipment and labour) can vary from $5,000 to $8,000, and depend on the size, configuration, and equipment requirements. Installation costs may be lower if solar water heating systems are installed during a new home’s construction.

Solar water heating systems typically have a 25-year life expectancy. Regular maintenance is recommended to extend the system’s life and to maximize performance. Systems typically have warranty on the equipment and companies commonly offer maintenance contracts to ensure your system is functioning at an optimal level.