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Installation costs: electric and natural gas water heaters

If you are thinking of switching from a natural gas water heater to an electric water heater, there may be additional costs to consider. Initially, you may find that an electric water heater costs about the same as a similar-sized conventional natural gas storage water heater. However, there may be additional costs if you:

  • have a breaker installed;
  • run a new electrical wire to the water heater;
  • close up the venting from the old gas water heater;
  • cap the gas line if you will no longer be using natural gas in your home;
  • upgrade to the electrical panel or add a sub-panel.

Electric water heaters take longer to heat water than natural gas water heaters. To make up for longer heating times, compare the total cost of installing a larger capacity electric water heater to the cost of replacing your current natural gas water heater with a similar sized model.