Permits & inspections

Whether building a new home or business, or making changes to your existing service, we can help you get the required applications, permits, and inspections.

Our response to COVID-19

We have closed our offices to the public, including the cash counter at 360 Portage Avenue in Winnipeg, and suspended all non-essential services in occupied homes. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • meter exchanges;
  • residential electrical inspections;
  • residential natural gas appliance inspections;
  • public building leak surveys;
  • disconnections;
  • meter readings where the meter is located inside an occupied home.


  • Residential do-it-yourself wiring
    If you can do electrical work for your home or cottage, submit a self-wire permit, install safely, and book an inspection.
  • Structure move clearance permit
    If you are moving a building or oversized structure, you must apply for a clearance permit so we can move power lines or electrical facilities out of your way.
  • Farm equipment move clearance permit
    If you are moving farm equipment, you must apply for an annual clearance permit and ensure your route has safe clearance from our power lines and electrical facilities. You must specify the type of equipment being moved.
  • Shore land development
    If you own or lease property next to shore lands along the Winnipeg River system, you must obtain approval before building or development.

Inspections, codes & standards

Click before you dig

Call or click before you dig and we will locate and mark your property for electrical and/or natural gas lines. The service is free.

  • Hot dig/safety watcher excavation permit
    Apply to safely excavate with water or air pressure and provide a safety watcher for your site. Only contractors with qualified operators can apply for this permit.