Happy Holidays from Manitoba Hydro

This article was published in December 2020 and may be outdated.

As we reflect on 2020, we’re certain it will go down in history — for reasons none of us want.

We’re all facing various challenges the COVID-19 pandemic brought into our lives. Despite this, there’s a lot we’re thankful for.

We’re truly thankful for all the frontline medical workers, teachers, service providers, and everyone else who’ve continued to support our communities during this critical time.

We’re thankful for you, our customers. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we navigate the pandemic and ensure we operate safely and efficiently.

We’re especially thankful for our dedicated employees who as always make serving you their top priority, ensuring we do everything possible to keep your lights on and your homes warm for you and your family. Our responsibility to provide you safe, reliable electricity and natural gas has not and will not change.

Our staff will continue to adapt swiftly and proactively to make sure everything we do is safe for not only their health, but yours. Though it’s been a difficult year, our employees prove again and again their commitment and versatility.

This holiday season, we hope you and your loved ones are safe, warm, and can find a moment of peace. And like you, we look forward to better days.

Jay Grewal
President and CEO