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We asked you about future energy choices — here’s what you said

Last November we asked you to share your views on electricity and natural gas.

Nearly 15,000 of you responded to our online survey, providing valuable insights into your perspectives on future energy choices. That input helped us shape the next steps in development of our Integrated Resource Plan – a road map for making sure our energy systems meet your needs for the next 20 years and beyond.

What you said:

  • 87% of survey respondents indicated energy rates are important to consider when planning to meet electricity and natural gas needs.
  • 78% indicated that reliability of energy is important to consider.
  • 70% indicated environmental impacts are important factors to consider.
  • 40% are considering the purchase of electric vehicles in the near future.
  • The topic of time varying rates (also known as time-of-use rates) generated high interest and diverse opinions.

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What’s next?

Over the next few months, we are reaching out to customers and interested parties to continue the conversation. This will include additional focused discussions to ensure we have participation from across diverse customer groups. Workshops will also be held with specific interested parties to verify the key inputs and potential future energy scenarios that are part of our modelling and analysis for the Integrated Resource Plan.

Later this spring, we will reach out to customers broadly to share more information on our Integrated Resource Planning and to get feedback.

Watch for more on our Integrated Resource Planning process, including opportunities to participate.