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Fall maintenance helps ensure comfort and safety

Now is the time to perform important fall maintenance tasks to ensure your home heating system operates at peak efficiency during the brrrrr colder weather around the corner.

The top of the list is getting your furnace cleaned and inspected by your furnace’s installer or a reputable heating contractor. Regular maintenance of your natural gas furnace can help prevent carbon monoxide hazards and keep your furnace operating at its best.

Also keep your air filter clean. A filter clogged with dust and dirt restricts air flow, which can cause the furnace to run hotter, reducing its efficiency and life expectancy.

And never keep paint or other combustible or flammable materials such as paper, chemicals, solvents, or cleaning products near the natural gas furnace as they can explode. Even vapours leaking from containers can cause an explosion.

Carbon monoxide alarm

Ensure your carbon monoxide (CO) alarm is installed properly and in good working condition. Accumulation of CO can result from a faulty appliance, clogged chimney, inadequate venting, or a build-up of engine exhaust.

While CO alarms aren’t a substitute for proper installation and regular equipment maintenance, they do provide some reassurance. A CO alarm can warn of deadly carbon monoxide in the home before toxic levels are reached.

If your CO alarms sounds, get your family and pets outside to fresh air and call Manitoba Hydro at 1-888-624-9376 for an emergency inspection.

Clean and repair leaky eavestroughs

A thorough cleaning will prevent ice and melting snow from dripping onto the natural gas meter and/or pressure regulator and freezing when the temperature drops. Ice on the regulator can obstruct the vent, causing a malfunction and allowing excess gas to enter the home.

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