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Tree trimming – who’s responsible?

It’s one of the biggest questions we get — who’s supposed to trim a tree tangled in power lines?

A new page on Manitoba Hydro’s website answers that question.

The mobile-friendly website explains to customers with simple graphics when it’s their responsibility to trim trees and when it’s Manitoba Hydro’s responsibility.

Private and public property owners are responsible for keeping trees, shrubs, and vegetation on their property clear of overhead lines and hydro poles. Manitoba Hydro only trims trees and vegetation when they are a threat to public safety and our infrastructure.

The page also lets customers submit tree trimming requests (called Tree Safety Assessment Requests) online with photos of the tree which will be reviewed by our staff.

When submitting an online request, customers are required to upload two photos: one that shows a clear view of the overhead power line or hydro pole in the tree or vegetation and a second that shows the entire tree, including the ground, hydro poles and overhead wires, and any nearby buildings.

By getting better information and photos digitally from customers, it allows our staff to make more informed decisions on what course of action to take.

Customers will get an automated confirmation their request has been received and a follow-up reply from Manitoba Hydro if any additional information is needed and to advise of next steps.

Also included on the website is information for customers, if they should hire a qualified arborist to trim vegetation on their property, how they or their arborist can arrange a temporary electricity disconnect with Manitoba Hydro to safely trim their trees and vegetation.

The new online process mirrors the practice of other major Canadian utilities and allows Manitoba Hydro to more effectively manage tree trimming requests. It also keeps customers better informed of the status of their request.

Customers who do not have internet access can still call Manitoba Hydro with a request at 204-480-5900 or 1-888-624-9376.

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