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Selling excess electricity

If your non-utility generator is connected to our grid you may sell your excess electricity back to Manitoba Hydro. The purchase price and the required agreement to sell us your excess electricity will depend on the size and type of your non-utility generator.

Non-utility generation less than 100 kW

For non-utility generation less than 100 kW we may purchase your excess electricity using net billing at the excess energy price.

Complete and submit an Excess Energy Purchase Agreement for our approval after your non-utility generation system is installed. This agreement is required to sell us your excess electricity.

Non-utility generation 100 kW or greater

For non-utility generation systems 100 kW or greater a power purchase agreement is required before you start your project.

The price for excess electricity will depend on the specific characteristics of your project. Contact us to discuss your proposed non-utility generation project.

Learn more about connecting to our grid.

Existing Solar Energy Pilot Program participants

If you are an existing Solar Energy Pilot Program participant and selling your property, you may transfer your purchase agreement to the new owner. Complete and email the agreement within 30 days of the new owner being put onto the Manitoba Hydro account.

Contact us

For more information about selling your excess energy, or to request an Excess Energy Purchase Agreement, email us.