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Electrical codes and standards

These resources will help homeowners and electrical contractors to install electrical wiring safely and in accordance with electrical codes.

Electrical codes, standards, and guides

Industry notice

Attention Manitoba Hydro permit applicants

Our new electric permit portal will launch June 15th, 2023. The new portal will provide substantially improved functionality, automated messaging, status updates and other features to improve the customer experience.

On this same date will also be implementing our new flat rate-based Schedule of Electric Permit Fees, which will streamline the permit application experience. Further details and information will be released online and via email in the next several months.

We will also be hosting in-person sessions and virtual meetings for Q and A throughout the province.

Note: In anticipation of the Bill 38 Provincial Electrical Code next year, until further notice we will continue enforcing the 2018 Manitoba Electrical Code. As part of our new portal launch, we will be updating you on this important provincial legislation.

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