Sentinel lighting

Private property owners can request these services. This sentinel, or dusk-to-dawn, lighting application is for:

  • additions;
  • relocation;
  • salvage.

Minimum 1-year rental agreement for all sentinel lighting installations.

Incomplete applications will delay the connection process.

Step 1

Online application

Gather all required information and supporting documents before you start the online application.

You must include all of the following:

  • Manitoba Hydro account number;
  • legal name of customer who owns the property, and who is responsible for making the payment;
  • map of lighting location for your addition, relocation, or salvage.

Apply for service

After you apply

Once you have submitted a complete application, we will assign someone to your project. They will contact you for any missing information, discuss project scope, service dates, complete the necessary agreements, and arrange on-site meetings.

They may request your complete AutoCAD files (.DWG) indicating the scope of the project.

Step 2

Estimate and agreements

We will provide an estimate and service agreement for your project. If your application was incomplete in any way, there will be a delay in providing your estimates and electrical agreements.

You will be charged a monthly rental fee for a minimum of 12 months for sentinel lighting after it is energized.

The planning and design of project starts after we have:

  • all the documents;
  • details;
  • signed agreements;
  • payment for your project (if required).

20–60 days after we have received your completed application.

Step 3

Planning and design

After we receive your signed agreements and payments, we will meet you on-site to review your project.

During this step, we will:

  • discuss the project completion date;
  • create a detailed design for your project;
  • request easement agreements;
  • order materials for construction.

You will sign off on any required drawings and agreements.

30–60 days depending on the scope of the work and any changes you request.

Step 4

Service connection

Once construction is complete, your lighting will be energized and the monthly charges will begin (minimum 12-month contract).

5–20 days to energize your new sentinel lighting.