Service removal

Disconnect and remove your electrical and/or natural gas service. This application is for permanently removing service from a building or property and must be submitted by the registered owner.

All services and meters must be removed before any demolition occurs. Removal stops your billing and a final bill will be issued to you.

Before moving a mobile home to or from a trailer park, call us at 1-888-624-9376. We will need your Manitoba Hydro account number. Mobile home connections require electric and natural gas permits. Once your mobile home has passed all inspections, we turn on your service.

Incomplete applications will delay the connection process.

Step 1

Online application

Gather all required information and supporting documents before you start the online request.

You must include all of the following:

  • Manitoba Hydro account number;
  • meter number(s);
  • proposed meter removal date (billing is stopped);
  • proposed service removal date (must happen prior to demolition).

Request service removal

After you apply

Once you have submitted a complete application, we will assign someone to your project. They may contact you to discuss project scope or arrange on-site meetings. If no other information is required, you will not be contacted before we remove the meter and/or service.

Step 2

Planning and site preparation

During this step, we will schedule removal of all requested meters, service, and equipment. Simple service removals are usually completed 30 to 90 days from the proposed request date. Your meter may be removed within 30 days of the requested date.

We will inspect your site for readiness and contact Click Before You Dig MB and other utilities before we begin.

The site must:

  • have all trees, equipment, and garbage removed from the area.

Step 3

Service/meter removal

If the meter is not accessible to our crews, you must meet them on-site.

We may need to temporarily disconnect or alter your services. Charges may apply if your site requirement needs alterations.

For natural gas service, we disconnect the line at the point where it enters your property.

For electric service, we remove the service wires between the building and our source.

Once this work is complete, your service(s) will have been removed.

If the premises are located in the City of Winnipeg, we notify them that the work is complete. The City of Winnipeg must receive our notification before they will issue a demolition permit to you.

If you have no immediate plans for natural gas or electric service, yet would like to keep these services, a Basic Monthly charge will be billed to your Manitoba Hydro account.