Developer Choice Program

This program allows a developer or their service provider to project manage the design, procurement of material, and the installation of underground shallow utilities (electrical, natural gas, and communications) in a new sub-division. This application is for one residential development project (minimum 5 lots), and the Developer must be the registered owner of the land.

Before you apply for the Developer Choice Program, read the Guidelines for Residential Developers & Homebuilders (PDF, 1.1 MB).

Incomplete applications will delay your request.

Step 1

Online application

Gather all required information and supporting documents before you start the online application.

You must include all of the following:

  • legal business name and contact information;
  • copies of current Status of Title for all lands in this subdivision;
  • development name, planning number, and location;
  • number of lots to be pre-serviced (minimum 5);
  • electric and/or natural gas requirements;
  • map of the proposed development showing the location and dimension of all lots, roads, and public reserve areas, or a subdivision plan with preliminary approval from the examiner of surveys;
  • site plan.

You must contact the cable companies directly to arrange for pre-servicing your development. If possible, you will coordinate with them to have all utilities installed in one trench.

Apply for pre-service

After you apply

Once you have submitted a complete application, we will assign someone to your project. Our representative will contact you for any missing or additional information, discuss project scope, service dates, and arrange on-site meetings.

We may request your complete AutoCAD files (.DWG), which include a site plan, subdivision lot lines, roadways, building layout, parking layout, sewer and water details, and grading.

Step 2

Investment Quotation Letter

We will provide an electrical and natural gas planning memorandum, and access to our contractor portal for your project.

Planning and design of your pre-serviced development begins with:

  • hiring a consultant;
  • inviting the communication companies into your subdivision;
  • applying for and receiving city/municipal street light approvals.

Once we receive a design drawing with approved street lights from the city/municipality, we will provide an Investment Quotation Letter for your review. You must sign the letter and return it to us before proceeding with the project.

20–90 days after we have received your design drawing, we will provide an Investment Quotation Letter.

Step 3

Planning and design

After we receive your signed Investment Quotation Letter, we will discuss any other information about your project.

During this step, you will:

  • finalize your construction drawing;
  • order materials;
  • request easement agreements and other approvals;
  • execute contracts with the communication providers within your subdivision.

We will plan and order material for the feeders and natural gas mains to service your subdivision.

Step 4

Easements and approvals

You must obtain and provide all easements, permits and consents to install facilities in public roads, over third-party lands.

You must provide us with easements over your lands before we issue a Construction Completion Certificate.

We will send you agreements that must be signed and returned.

60–120 days to request and sign off on easement agreements.

Step 5

Site preparation and construction

After we accept your final design plan you may start construction.

You must:

  • get all required clearances from Click Before You Dig MB;
  • have a pre-construction meeting with your contractors, a Manitoba Hydro inspector, and all relevant communication companies;
  • coordinate with us for feeder and natural gas mains construction (as required).

Once construction is complete, and your site has passed all our inspections to our satisfaction, we issue a Construction Completion Certificate.

We will provide the investment as outlined in the Investment Quotation Letter after inspection and receipt of all required documents.

Step 6

Pre-servicing completed

Your pre-serviced development is ready for the builder/homeowner to request services to the dwelling. Each builder/homeowner will be required to submit a residential service application to obtain services.