Tariffs and standards of conduct

We operate an extensive network of more than 9,000 km of AC transmission lines, connecting generating stations to customer loads within the province. This same transmission network maintains interconnections with Saskatchewan, Ontario, North Dakota and Minnesota. We operate our transmission system on a non-discriminatory basis following the open access requirements in the Standards of Conduct.

Transmission and Interconnection Tariffs

The Manitoba Hydro Open Access Transmission Tariff, Open Access Interconnection Tariff, associated documents are posted on the Manitoba Hydro Open Access Same-Time Information System (OASIS) website

Power producers wanting to connect generation 10 MW or less do not necessarily fall under the Manitoba Hydro Open Access Interconnection Tariff and may be interested in connecting to the Manitoba Hydro Distribution System. Please view requirements under Customer owned generation.

Standards of Conduct

Our Standards of Conduct for Providing Open Access Transmission and Interconnection Service ensure that our Transmission Function Employees operate independently from our Marketing Function Employees and provide detailed information regarding the rules governing the conduct of Manitoba Hydro’s Transmission Provider.

With more than 25% of our revenue coming from exports, the Standards of Conduct also ensure that:

  • all Transmission Customers are treated on a non-discriminatory basis;
  • our Transmission Function Employees operate in such a way that they do not preferentially benefit any Marketing Function Employees or Affiliates.

Implementation Procedures

Our Standards of Conduct for Providing Open Access Transmission and Interconnection Service (Implementation Procedures) are current written procedures implementing the Standards in such detail as will enable customers to determine that we are in compliance with the requirements of the Standards of Conduct.

Our affiliate that employs or retains Marketing Function Employees is:

Manitoba Hydro
Wholesale Power Marketing
360 Portage Ave. (16)
Winnipeg, MB
Canada R3C 0G8

Employee-staffed facilities

Our Transmission Function Employees are primarily located in a separate building from Marketing Function Employees.

Currently, our building at 360 Portage Avenue in Winnipeg provides space for 5 Transmission Function Employees performing system impact studies.

Our Marketing Function Employees work in the same building but are physically separated and restricted from entering the Transmission Function Employees workspace.

Potential merger partners

We don’t currently have any potential merger partners that may employ or retain Marketing Function Employees under consideration.

Job titles and job descriptions

The job titles and concise summaries of the job descriptions, referred to as job summaries, for our Transmission Function Employees by division are:


We don’t currently have any contemporaneous disclosures, voluntary consents, employee transfers, emergency events, or waivers that require posting.

Contact us

Contact Candace Kreutzer, our Compliance Officer:

If, for any reason, the Compliance Officer is not available for a period of time, the duties fall upon the Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer.