Restrictions - Shore land development

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Due to concerns for the environment and bank stability, there are restrictions on development on Manitoba Hydro shore land. Development must not contribute to erosion, riverbank movements, or overdevelopment of the shore.

Riparian zones (shorelines) cannot be developed over 30% of your assigned frontage. When over 30%, we encourage restoration to preserve environmental, fish and wildlife habitats.

It’s your responsibility to secure all municipal building and/or development permits.

Structures and landscaping


  • Sand beaches must be contained and located above normal high water level.
  • Existing rip-rap (rock placed on shoreline) cannot be moved or removed.
  • Wooden steps may be built over existing rip-rap for pedestrian access to water.
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada must approve
    • pea gravel used in water;
    • cobbles placed over the existing rip-rap for pedestrian access to water if they extend into the water.
    View Fisheries and Oceans Canada website: Measures to protect fish and fish habitat.

Boat houses

  • Single storey.
  • Peaked roof 4/12 pitch.
  • Flat-top boat houses are not allowed.
  • Non-habitable structure maximum width 7.3 metres (24 feet).
  • Size restrictions vary, depending on development.

Boat docks

  • Removable structure only (no crib docks).
  • Size restrictions vary, depending on development; normally 10 metres (32 feet) long.
  • Must be 4.5 metres (15 feet) from the neighbouring parcel.


  • As per building codes.

Gazebos and sunrooms

  • Non-habitable and moveable structure only.
  • Distance to water varies, depending on development.


  • A detailed plan must be submitted describing vegetation and material to be removed.


  • Above ground and underground waterlines are permitted, but require the necessary approval.
  • Directional drilling preferred (no alterations to bank).
  • No underground sprinkler systems.


  • Minimum setback 6 metres (20 feet) from water’s edge.

For more information on Canada’s shorelines visit: