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Height pole is attached to the front of a pickup truck.

A height pole is an extra safety measure during a structure move.

Enlarge image: Height pole is attached to the front of a pickup truck.

Use of height poles

The intent of a height pole is not to strike power lines or overpasses, as height on the route shall always be known in advance of the move. The height pole is intended to be an extra safety measure in case of unexpected clearance issues on the route.

A pilot vehicle that is accompanying a permitted building or structure may use a height pole to validate clearances as follows:

  • A building/structure move permit must be issued for the move, the actual height of the building is to be specified on the permit.
  • The height pole must be approved for use by Manitoba Hydro.
  • The height pole shall be set 150 mm (6″) higher than the declared structure height (see approved structure measurements on your clearance permit).
  • Height pole contact with overhead plant is strictly prohibited. The pilot vehicle shall proceed with caution.
  • In the event the height pole indicates that contact is possible, the move must cease, and Manitoba Hydro must be contacted for instruction.
  • If height pole contact is made with any overhead plant, do not get out of the vehicle, drive the height pole away from the conductor. The move must cease, and Manitoba Hydro must be contacted.
  • If a potential height obstacle is observed ahead, the lead pilot vehicle and the load should develop a large enough gap to allow the load to stop if necessary.

Route assessments

Due to the availability of non-contact measuring devices (cable height metres), it is preferred that they be used to perform route assessments. Non-contact measuring devices allow for the performance of route assessments without the need for a permit.

Approved height poles

Height poles are approved for use if they meet all the following criteria:

  • Height poles shall be commercially manufactured for this purpose.
  • Height poles shall be installed and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The height pole must be made of non-conductive material such as fibreglass or plastic and shall be equipped with a non-destructive flexible tip.
  • The height pole shall be securely mounted to the front of the lead pilot vehicle and be retractable, telescopic or removable when not in use.