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Natural gas project review application

We must approve any project near or over natural gas infrastructure. Complete and submit this application and we will review the request.

Project information

(legal description; LSD; civic address; lot block plan; river lot; section township range)

Contact information

Project description

Select all that apply:

Gas main crossing

Utilities or other infrastructure will cross a natural gas main within a public ROW.
Utilities or other infrastructure will cross a natural gas main outside a public ROW

Distance of work to natural gas infrastructure

All installations in your project area meet the applicable minimum separation requirements (PDF, 56 KB).

Depth of existing natural gas mains

The depth of all gas facilities must be determined before any works begin. If the minimum depth of cover cannot be met, then relocations or lowerings may be required. Timelines for this work are included in our checklist.

The natural gas mains in project area will meet minimum depths of cover requirements (PDF, 56 KB) when work is complete.

Temporary vehicle or equipment crossings

Only Manitoba Hydro approved vehicles are permitted to cross natural gas lines.

Select all equipment and vehicles that will cross a natural gas main outside a paved municipal roadway.

Required documents

Your application will not be processed without your documents. Upload all required documents including:

  • construction plans;
  • detailed description of items planned to be installed outside of public ROW (if project requires infrastructure construction at this location);
  • map of temporary vehicle and equipment access routes with crossings clearly marked.

PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT, RTF, JPG, BMP, GIF, or PNG format only. While Manitoba Hydro has taken all reasonable efforts to ensure the security of information in transit to Manitoba Hydro, it is not liable for any damages that may arise as the result of interception, loss, theft, or other action or difficulty. After you complete a secure transaction, you should clear the browser cache. Information stored in the browser cache isn’t encrypted. By clearing it, you help to ensure that others can’t compromise your data.