Temporary service disconnection

Disconnecting your electric or natural gas service – for short or long terms – starts with an online service application.

Temporary disconnects and reconnects keep everyone safe when working close to our service points, or when making additions, renovations, or repairs to buildings.

Incomplete applications will delay the connection process.

This application is not for tree trimming or removal. Contact us to book a request.

Step 1

Online application

Gather all required information and supporting documents before you start the online application. A minimum of 7 days’ notice is required.

You must include all of following:

  • owner (customer) contact information;
  • Manitoba Hydro account number;
  • meter number(s).

Request service disconnection

After you submit your request

Once you have submitted a complete application, we will assign someone to your project. They may contact you to discuss project scope or arrange an on-site meeting. If no other information is required, you will not be contacted before we disconnect the meter and/or service.

Step 2


We will schedule the temporary disconnection of your meter(s) and service(s). If we need to alter your service, charges may apply.

If you have no immediate plans for natural gas or electric service, yet would like to keep these services, a Basic Monthly charge will be billed to your Manitoba Hydro account.

Step 3


If the meter is not accessible to our crews, you must meet them on-site.

We stop the flow of natural gas and electricity at your meter, and if necessary, remove the electrical service wires from the attachment point.

For long-term disconnects, we disconnect all requested meters, service, and equipment. Simple service removals may be completed within 7 business days.

Step 4


Reconnection will be completed in 1 visit.

You will contact us to reconnect your service.

If the disconnection period is longer than 6 months, you will have to schedule an electrical inspection. Once the project is complete and your site has passed all inspections, we turn on your service.

All electrical work:

  • must be installed by a qualified and licensed electrical contractor, and electrical permits must be issued and received prior to beginning any work;
  • must be inspected by a Manitoba Hydro or City of Winnipeg electrical inspector;
  • must comply with the Manitoba Electrical Code for installations in the jurisdiction of Manitoba Hydro, and the City of Winnipeg Electrical Bylaw when in the jurisdiction of the City of Winnipeg.

All natural gas work:

  • must be installed by a qualified and licensed gas fitter, and natural gas permits must be issued and received from the Office of the Fire Commissioner prior to beginning any work;
  • must be inspected by a Manitoba Hydro natural gas inspector (some commercial/industrial installations also require an inspection by the Office of the Fire Commissioner);
  • must follow the national Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code and Office of the Fire Commissioner requirements.

To contact the Office of the Fire Commissioner, visit their website or phone 204-945-3373.