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Shore land development

Shore lands function as areas that can safely accommodate water level fluctuations and erosion associated with the operation of the river’s hydroelectric generating stations. We regularly monitor the shoreline for signs of erosion ensuring corrective action is taken when required.

Due to concerns for safety and maintenance, there are restrictions for decks, boat docks, landscaping and other types of development on Manitoba Hydro shore land. Use must not contribute to erosion, riverbank failure, settling, gullying or interfere with the riverbank protection (rip-rap) program.

Our office has moved to the Manitoba Hydro Customer Service Centre at 120 Minewawa St. in Lac du Bonnet, however we are not open for walk-in customers at this time.

How to apply for permission and a building permit

Before developing your shore land, you must receive written permission from the landowner (either Manitoba Hydro or Crown Lands), then apply for a municipal building permit.

  • If your land borders Manitoba Hydro land, read the restrictions below, then submit a permit application.
  • If your land borders Crown Lands, call the Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development office in Lac du Bonnet.
  • If you are unsure who the landowner is, contact us at:

There are currently no costs for applications or issuance of a Shore Lands Use Permit. This permit is issued for a 5-year period and is not transferable without the written consent of Manitoba Hydro or Crown lands.

If your permit has expired, contact us at:

The development must follow all laws and regulations, and our Shore Lands use guidelines. Our PDFs provide advice about restrictions, application checklists, and drawing examples:

Submit a permit application

Mail application to:

  • Manitoba Hydro
    Shore Lands Permit Program
    PO Box 808
    Lac du Bonnet MB R0E 1A0

Site inspection:

  • We will perform an on-site inspection prior to approval of the structure or works.
  • After inspection, a letter of approval (subject to conditions) will be mailed to you and a copy mailed to the appropriate rural municipality building inspector.

Apply for a building permit

Once you’ve got the letter of approval, contact your local RM for a building permit:

After your development is completed, another inspection is made to confirm the structure and its location matches your building permit.

Winnipeg River Bank Protection Program

The Winnipeg River Bank Protection Program (WRBPP) provides shore land protection work in exchange for transfer of additional Water Storage Land to Manitoba Hydro within the Water Power Act licence boundary (“WPA licence limits”). Eligible requests are prioritized having regard for the proximity of residential structures (cottage/home) and private property to erosion and/or riverbank movements within WPA licence limits. 

If you own property within the WPA licence limits between the Seven Sisters and Pine Falls generating stations (map below), and your property is within close proximity to erosion and/or riverbank movements attributable to Manitoba Hydro operations, you may qualify for this program. For additional information please contact 204-345-9073.

View WRBPP map (PDF, 95 KB).