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Indigenous agreements

We recognize that resolving past grievances is fundamental to strengthening working relationships with Indigenous communities. A key strategy is to “resolve and manage ongoing obligations from past development”. We will continue to address the adverse effects of our existing operations on the customs, practices and traditions of Indigenous people that are integral to their cultural identity.

In addition to community-wide settlement agreements, we have reached a number of agreements with resource user groups, such as local commercial fishing and trapping associations.

Northern Flood Agreement

Planning for the Lake Winnipeg Regulation and Churchill River Diversion projects proceeded in early 1970s. Discussions also began with potentially affected northern communities.

By 1971, formal discussions were underway with Cross Lake First Nation. In 1974, as development plans matured and construction began, 5 affected First Nations formed the Northern Flood Committee to facilitate joint consultations with Manitoba Hydro and the Governments about the project.

The Northern Flood Committee, funded by the Federal Government, negotiated the Northern Flood Agreement (NFA) over the following 3 years. The NFA was signed in 1977. The 5 NFA First Nations were Split Lake, Nelson House, York Factory, Norway House and Cross Lake.

Implementation agreements

Comprehensive implementation agreements have been reached with 4 of the 5 NFA First Nations.

Settlement agreements

Wuskwatim project development agreement