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MERX is a tool for posting tenders on-line and is not a reverse auction website. MERX will not allow suppliers to see another supplier’s pricing information or which suppliers have ordered information associated to a Manitoba Hydro tender.


  • Receive free notifications when any opportunities are posted that might be of interest to your organization:
  • MERX keeps a detailed log of all orders placed, simplifying reconciliation of orders and charges or to verify that you have received all portions of the procurement documents, including amendments;
  • Download documents immediately or order printed copies for delivery via fax, pick-up, courier, or regular mail;
  • Submit bids and proposals 24/7;
  • More time between the procurement announcement and the closing date to prepare a submission;
  • Eliminate the cost and time for couriers and personal deliveries;
  • Reduce the elimination of late or unsigned bids;
  • Contracts can be awarded more quickly.

User fees

  • There is no charge for viewing public or restricted (if invited) tenders on Manitoba Hydro’s tenders list on MERX.
  • Merx user fees only apply when ordering documentation associated with a tender.

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