System renewal

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As we expand our electrical system to serve new customers, the system itself is being continuously repaired, replaced, and upgraded with a focus on safety, reliability, and added capacity to meet growing energy needs.

A significant amount of equipment is approaching the end of its useful life, such as:

In some cases we may renew a specific area all at once:

Our natural gas distribution system also requires upgrades to enhance reliability.

Over the next 20 years, we must increase our renewal-related expenditures, while balancing cost, performance, and risk factors to improve our services.

We’re not unique in our needs. The Canadian Electricity Association’s State of the Industry report estimates that Canada needs to invest around $1.7 trillion in its electricity sector by 2050. Currently, the electricity industry projects the need for investments of nearly $20 billion per year for infrastructure renewal and market growth, including major projects in partnership with Indigenous-led businesses.

For more information about system renewal projects: