Types of customer owned generation

Standby generation

This generation creates electricity as a back-up for your own use. There are 2 types of standby generation: “open” and “momentary closed” transition switching.

  • Open transition switching

    This generation is typically associated with Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) backup generators and is connected to the internal home or business wiring system. The connection with Manitoba Hydro is broken before electricity is received from your generator. This is done with a manual switch on the generator.

  • Momentary closed transition switching

    Due to cost, this type of generation is usually used commercially and can be for generation of any size. A type 1 generator is interconnected to the our grid with momentary closed transition switching. The power between the generator and Manitoba Hydro briefly parallels or runs simultaneously for 100 milliseconds or less. A connection with your generator is made before contact is broken with us. This is so that there is no interruption to the load (power) during this transfer. It is usually to avoid nuisance outages associated with monthly testing of UPS backup generators.

Parallel generation

These 2 systems types are known as parallel generation because they generate power on the your side of the meter and are interconnected to our electric grid. Power from both sources are working simultaneously.

  • Load displacement only

    The generator is interconnected using Sustained Closed Transition Switching. These systems can parallel indefinitely, and are primarily used for load displacement. Your generator meets some of your energy needs which will reduce your energy bill, while still relying on us for the remainder of your electricity. Power produced by a type 2 generator is not allowed to flow into the utility.

  • Load displacement plus excess to grid

    The generator is interconnected using Sustained Closed Transition Switching. These systems can parallel indefinitely. In this case, excess power generated by you is allowed to flow into the utility grid. Power flow is limited by the size of the existing supply transformer and the breaker rating.

    If you want to sell excess power to us, we must install a bi-directional revenue meter. You are responsible for the cost of this meter which records energy flow in both directions.

Independent power producer

This type of generation produces energy for the purpose of exporting electricity to sell to Manitoba Hydro. It is a very costly venture. Export to grid generation is for stand alone independent power production operating up to 10 MW and on the 25 kV or smaller distribution system.

Generators producing 10 MW or less on the distribution system may be limited depending where the generator is located. A distribution line may be in close proximity to the proposed generator installation but it does not mean 10 MW of generation can be connected. In most cases it is not possible due to the potential impact on the existing distribution customers and the transmission system.

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