Harrow Station–Bishop Grandin Transmission Project

The relocation and upgrade of the transmission lines was needed to address aging infrastructure on the corridor and accommodate Phase 2 of the City of Winnipeg’s Bus Rapid Transit corridor.

Transmission lines that support customers in southern Winnipeg were rebuilt and relocated from our Harrow Station (Taylor Avenue) to Bishop Grandin Boulevard. These 2–115 kV double circuit transmission lines were relocated west within the existing right-of-way. The transmission line on the eastern edge of the right-of-way remained to serve future needs.

The project began with notification in November 2014. Construction started in January 2016 and was completed in July 2016.

Public engagement

Feedback received through the public engagement process helped inform the environmental assessment that was undertaken for the project.

Engagement goals for the Harrow Station–Bishop Grandin Transmission Project were to:

  • share information;
  • gather and understand local interests;
  • integrate interests and concerns into the assessment process;
  • discuss potential mitigation measures.


View materials created for the Harrow Station–Bishop Grandin Transmission Project:

Environmental assessment

We undertook an environmental assessment for this project, which is classified as a Class 2 development under The Environment Act (Manitoba).

The environmental assessment included:

  • study area characterization through site visits and background investigation.
  • a public engagement process.
  • documentation of potential environmental effects.
  • determination of mitigation measures to minimize effects.

The project was subject to licensing from Manitoba Sustainable Development which was filed April 2015.

For more information about the Harrow Station–Bishop Grandin Transmission Project, email Licensing & Environmental Assessment.