Northwest Winnipeg Natural Gas Project

The Northwest Winnipeg Natural Gas Project provided a continual and reliable source of natural gas to customers located north of Winnipeg and provided operational flexibility in the Winnipeg transmission network.

The project began with public and Indigenous notification in October 2014. Construction started in spring 2016 and the pipeline was in service January 2017. The project installed:

  • a 6-inch diameter pipe from an existing pipeline at Selkirk Avenue and the Perimeter to north of Stonewall;
  • a 12-inch diameter pipe from Stonewall to an existing pipeline east of Selkirk.

Public and Indigenous engagement

Feedback received from the public and Indigenous communities engagement process helped inform route selection and the environmental assessment.

Engagement goals for the Northwest Winnipeg Natural Gas Project were to:

  • share information as it becomes available;
  • obtain feedback for use in the assessment process;
  • gather and understand local interests;
  • integrate interests and concerns into the assessment process;
  • discuss potential mitigation measures.


View materials created for the Northwest Winnipeg Natural Gas Project:

Environmental assessment

We completed an environmental assessment for this project, which required a Class 2 licence under The Environment Act (Manitoba).

The environmental assessment included:

  • study area characterization through site visits and background investigation;
  • a public and Indigenous engagement process;
  • identification and assessment of potential environmental effects;
  • development of mitigation measures;
  • development of an Environmental Protection Program.

An Environment Act licence (Licence #3163) was granted by Manitoba Sustainable Development in January 2016.

Environmental Assessment Report – August 2015




For more information about the Northwest Winnipeg Natural Gas Project, email Licensing & Environmental Assessment.