Tyndall Transmission

The construction of the 115-kilovolt (kV) transmission line and distribution supply centre near Tyndall and Garson were needed to ensure a reliable electrical supply to these communities and prevent extended outages during peak load conditions.

The project began with public and Indigenous notification in March 2013. Construction started in 2015 and the project was in service in 2016. The project included:

  • construction of a distribution supply centre;
  • installation of an 115-kV transmission line which runs from the tapping location on the Transcona–Selkirk transmission line to the distribution supply centre;
  • making local improvements to the 12-kV electrical distribution system.

Public and Indigenous engagement

The Tyndall Transmission Project included 2 rounds of engagement with local residents, municipal leadership, First Nations, the Manitoba Metis Federation, and stakeholders.


View materials created for the Tyndall Transmission project:

Environmental assessment

We completed an environmental assessment for the Tyndall Transmission Project, which is classified as a Class 2 development under The Environment Act (Manitoba).

The environmental assessment for the project included:

  • characterizing the environment;
  • identifying potential effects on people and the environment;
  • determining ways to avoid or reduce potential adverse effects while enhancing beneficial effects.

The environmental assessment, including the public and Indigenous engagement process, was submitted to Manitoba Sustainable Development and received an Environment Act Licence (Licence #3103) in May 2014.

Environmental Protection Program

The Environmental Protection Program for the Tyndall Transmission Project prescribes mitigation and protection measures to avoid and reduce potential environmental and social effects.

Documents from the Tyndall Transmission Environmental Protection Program:

For more information about the Tyndall Transmission Project, email Licensing & Environmental Assessment.