Structure move clearance permit application

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To request a permit to safely move oversized buildings or structures past power lines, complete and submit this application.

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Move information

Request must be submitted at least 14 days before the move date.

Start time A.M./P.M. *
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Travel on a provincial highway, trunk highway, or road
This move will travel on a provincial highway, trunk highway, or road *

You must apply to Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure for a permit.

Note: If you are moving on provincial roads, you must apply to Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure for a permit.

(For example: 200 metres into farm yard beside granary)

Create your exact route on a digital map
Learn how to map with pins.

Mapping with pins:

  • Zoom in and navigate to the location where your move will begin.
  • Drop a pin on the start location.
  • Navigate to the next intersection and drop another pin.
  • Continue until you reach your end location.

Add a pin:
On a computer: Click on the spot.
On a mobile device: Tap and hold the spot with your finger.

Move a pin:
Click or tap and hold the pin. Drag it to the new location.

Delete a pin:
Click or tap the pin. A pop-up will appear – select the Remove this marker link.

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A height pole will be mounted on the pilot vehicle *

Structure information

Type of structure(s)
Select type *

Loaded measurements (in metres)

(For example: flat, gable, cottage style)

Contact information

Additional instructions

Required documents

Your application will not be processed without a detailed description of the proposed route and a digital map. Any structure over 20 feet requires photo(s) of the structure that include the roof style.

PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT, RTF, JPG, BMP, GIF, or PNG format only. While Manitoba Hydro has taken all reasonable efforts to ensure the security of information in transit to Manitoba Hydro, it is not liable for any damages that may arise as the result of interception, loss, theft or other action or difficulty. After you complete a secure transaction, you should clear the browser cache. Information stored in the browser cache isn’t encrypted. By clearing it, you help to ensure that others can’t compromise your data.

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