Generating your own electricity

You can generate electricity for your home or business using alternative energy technologies such as:

  • biomass;
  • fuel oil generation;
  • small scale hydro;
  • solar;
  • wind.

This is called non-utility generation.

You can use the electricity that your system produces and reduce the amount of electricity you buy from us. You may still need to be connected to our grid because your system may not be able to produce electricity 24 hours a day, such as when the sun is down or the wind isn’t blowing.

If you are generating more energy than you are using, this excess energy can be sold back to us at the non-utility generation price, which is reviewed annually. We will purchase your excess electricity (produced at less than 100 kW) for $0.02949/kWh between April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021. This price is not equal to our electricity rates because our rates must recover the cost of additional services such as:

  • transmission;
  • distribution;
  • customer service;
  • safety;
  • emergency restoration.
A diagram showing all the parts that make up a reliable energy grid.

Before you invest in a generating system, consider reducing your electricity use by adding insulation, buying energy-efficient appliances, or upgrading your lighting. It is more cost effective to reduce your electricity costs by improving your energy efficiency than by generating your own electricity.

You will want to ensure that your system is sized properly. Customers that use most of the energy that they generate, rather than selling excess to us, typically have better paybacks. Calculate the actual cost of production by estimating the amount of electricity you expect to produce, the cost of your system, and its maintenance.

Net billing

We use net billing (monetary credits on your Manitoba Hydro account) instead of net metering (kilowatt-hour credits on your account). Net billing lets you generate electricity for personal use, and sell your excess electricity back to us.

When your system is not producing enough electricity, you buy it from us at a residential or commercial rate just like you did before you installed your system.

If the value of the electricity that you sell to us is greater than the value of the energy you buy from us, a credit is applied to your account. The credit is carried forward to the following bill and is applied to new charges.

Contact us

For more information about non-utility generation interconnection, email an Energy Services Advisor.