Solar Energy Pilot Program

The 2-year Solar Energy Pilot Program has ended and is no longer accepting applications. If you submitted your application before May 1, 2018, you have 1 year from your pre-approval date to complete the installation and submit all required completion documents. Read the program’s Terms and Conditions (PDF, 194 KB) for more information.

Once installed, your solar photovoltaic system must pass an electrical inspection. The bi-directional meter will be installed after a successful inspection, and then your system will be energized.

If your installation is complete, submit all required documentation:

  • Completion Declaration and Questionnaire (PDF, 157 KB);
  • a copy of the Certificate of Electrical Inspection or Approval;
  • paid invoices OR contractor invoice (if participating in the Home Energy Efficiency Loan).

We will mail you an incentive cheque or apply the incentive to your Home Energy Efficiency Loan.

If you installed your system through the Solar Energy Pilot Program, and are selling your home, you may transfer your excess energy agreement to the new owner. Complete the Excess Energy Purchase Agreement Assignment and Novation Agreement (PDF, 62 KB).

You must complete and return the agreement to an Energy Services Advisor within 30 days of the new owner being put onto the Manitoba Hydro account.