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Electrical contractor permits & programs

Electrical contractors operating outside Winnipeg city limits can take advantage of ePermits, and the Registered Electrical Contractor Program (RECP). Find resources to help you install electrical wiring in accordance with electrical codes.

Permit account

A permit account gives you a monthly billing statement of all your electrical permit charges.

You can sign up to have your monthly permit bills sent digitally through Manitoba Hydro’s online account. We also offer a pre-authorized payment plan for permit accounts.

A valid electrical license is required as issued by Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba.

Apply for a permit account


View and manage multiple permit applications online.


  • submit new or modify existing applications from anywhere, at anytime;
  • upload plans electronically;
  • view online status for all permits;
  • speed the confirmation of electrical permits;
  • no charge for the service.

Register for ePermits

  1. Have a valid electrical license and apply for a permit account number.
  2. We will send you a permit account number.
  3. Register online.
    • You will need the account number and amount due from your most recent permit account bill to register.

Log in to ePermits Register for ePermits

Registered Electrical Contractor Program

Registered Electrical Contractor Program termination

Effective January 1, 2022, Manitoba Hydro will terminate the Registered Electrical Contractor Program (RECP) and institute a broad-based selective inspection program for all permit holders.

We are no longer collecting 2022 RECP registration or renewal fees. New RECP applications received after October 29, 2021, will not be processed.

RECP permits obtained before January 1, 2022:

  • will continue to be subject to the RECP conditions;
  • will be subject to the Electrical Permit Fee Schedule in effect at the time of issuance;
  • will have Registered Contractor’s Declaration of Compliance forms accepted when submitted with RECP permits.

Electrical permits obtained after January 1, 2022:

  • will be subject to the revised Electrical Permit Fee Schedule (PDF, 313 KB);
  • will be subject to inspection at Manitoba Hydro’s discretion for all required consumer service, rough wiring, and final inspections.

Contact us

For more information about your permit account, ePermits, or RECP, email us.