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Manitoba electrician’s license verification and RECP renewal

Manitoba electrician’s license – renewal verification

To perform electrical work in the Province of Manitoba, electricians are required to have a valid Manitoba journeyperson electrician’s license as issued by the Office of the Fire Commissioner – Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba.

Current electrician’s licenses will expire on December 31, 2020. You will be required to provide proof of renewal of your Provincial electrician’s license in order to receive electrical permits from Manitoba Hydro. Verification of license renewals not received by January 31 may result in a suspension of your electrical permit account and delays in receiving electrical permits.

Provide verification of your Manitoba electrician’s license renewal.

Registered Electrical Contractor Program renewal

Registered Electrical Contractor Program (RECP) offers reduced fees for residential electrical permits and associated services, reduced registration fees for Manitoba Hydro seminars, and reduced inspections for residential installations.

RECP memberships expire annually on December 31.

Renew your existing RECP membership.