Building and farm equipment

When moving an oversized load such as a building, agricultural equipment, or commercial structure, you must have an approved route and clearance to power lines. Most overhead power lines have no protective insulation. Any contact with them could cause serious burns, injuries, and costly repairs.

Before moving equipment or a structure that is 4.15 metres high but less than 4.8 metres, a permit is required from Manitoba Infrastructure.

When the equipment or structure is taller than 4.8 metres, 2 permits are required:

  1. Motor Carrier permit; AND
  2. Building or Structure Move permit OR Agricultural Equipment Move permit.

Motor Carrier permits are obtained from Manitoba Infrastructure or the local municipality where the move is taking place (including Brandon and Winnipeg).

Submit a move permit application to Manitoba Hydro:

You can also request an application at 1-888-624-9376 or at our customer service offices.

We will review the route, provide suggestions for an alternate route if necessary, and confirm that the route is safe and allows for adequate clearance. We may measure and upgrade the height of the line to meet minimum standards. Where customer-requested upgrades are required, we will provide pricing where applicable.

We will provide the appropriate clearance permit:

  • Building or Structure Move permit – valid for 14 days;
  • Agricultural Move permit – annual permit issued to farmers, valid until December 31 of permit year.

Notice required:

  • loads up to 5.9 metres in height – minimum of 10 working days’ notice;
  • loads over 5.9 metres in height – more than 10 working days’ notice.

Safety guidelines:

  • know your route before transporting tall equipment;
  • look up and make sure that you have enough room for clearance;
  • only Manitoba Hydro staff should lift power lines;
  • move slowly and carefully when you move tall equipment;
  • never transport metal elevators, metal irrigation pipe or metal ladders near power lines;
  • never let anyone ride on top of moving farm equipment or hay bales;
  • granaries and other farm buildings should be located at least 9 metres from overhead power lines;
  • remember that cultivators, air seeders, and grain augers make contact with overhead power lines most often.

Contact us

For more information on oversized move permits, contact Manitoba Infrastructure - Motor Carrier Permits and Development.

If you have concerns about clearance to overhead power lines, contact: