Brandon Generating Station

Photo of Brandon Generating Station.

Among our 17 generating stations, Brandon is the only one using a mix of fuel sources, coal and natural gas for 1 of its generating units. The other 15 use water energy to produce power, and Selkirk uses natural gas.

In 2002, 2 natural gas-fuelled combustion turbine units added over 250 MW to the station’s capacity, making it the 5th largest generating station in the province.

Brandon Generating Station stands on the south bank of the Assiniboine River in the City of Brandon.


  • Original in service date 1958;
  • Capacity 327 MW;
  • 2 natural gas-fired units, 1 coal-fired unit;
  • Fuelled by Powder River sub-bituminous coal and natural gas. Diesel fuel as backup for natural gas units.