Wuskwatim Generating Station

Photo of Wuskwatim Generating Station

The Wuskwatim Generating Station is located on the Burntwood River, in the Nelson House Resource Management Area, approximately 45 km southwest of Thompson and 35 km southeast of Nelson House. The station was developed and is owned by the Wuskwatim Power Limited Partnership (WPLP), a legal entity involving Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (NCN) and Manitoba Hydro. Manitoba Hydro operates the station as part of the Manitoba power grid on behalf of WPLP.

Wuskwatim represents the first time Manitoba Hydro has entered into a partnership with a First Nations community on a generating station project. First Nations input was also critical during the design and planning phase of the project, which included combining traditional knowledge with scientific knowledge during the environmental assessment studies. Traditional knowledge will continue to play an important role in monitoring the operation of the project from an environmental perspective.

Wuskwatim’s low-head design meant the project created less than one half of a square kilometre of flooding, all contained within the immediate forebay area.


  • Construction started in 2006;
  • Construction completed in 2012;
  • Capacity 211 MW;
  • Powerhouse & service bay:
    • 118 metres long;
  • 3 turbine generators (vertical propeller type);
  • Transmission lines:
    • 1 230-kV line from Wuskwatim to Birchtree Station (Thompson);
    • 2 230-kV lines from Wuskwatim to Herblet Lake Station.