LED street light conversion

LED street light.

Energy efficient LED street light.
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We’re replacing traditional high-pressure sodium (HPS) street lights with LEDs throughout the province. HPS street lights produce a yellow or orange light and only last up to 5 years. In comparison, LED street lights produce a more direct and visually appealing white light and can last up to 20 years. LED fixtures consume nearly 60% less energy than HPS technology.

  • There are 75,000 street lights in Winnipeg alone. Since 2014, we’ve converted 73,000 of those to LED.
  • Almost all street lights in Winnipeg will be converted to LED by the spring of 2020, except for a few specialty street lights in areas like Portage and Main, Waterfront Drive, Provencher Avenue, and Graham Avenue.
  • Lights common on major traffic routes and intersections in Winnipeg will be converted at a later date.
  • Many other communities throughout Manitoba have also been converted, including Brandon, Dauphin, Churchill, Winkler, Morden, Altona, and Steinbach.
LED street light.

LED street light being installed.
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  • reduced energy use;
  • last for up to 20 years;
  • less maintenance;
  • produces a more direct white light;
  • better illuminates the street for pedestrians and vehicles;
  • completely recyclable;
  • reduced light spillage.

The switch to LED street lights is expected to save 42 GWh in electricity savings and 6 MW in winter peak demand savings by 2020–2021. The power we will save by switching to LEDs can be exported to provinces and states that don’t use green power. These exported savings are about 27,000 tonnes of indirect greenhouse gas emissions, which is equivalent to removing 5,400 cars from the road.


  • Any type of light can strobe, but LEDs require so little power to turn on they strobe really quickly. They also over-perform in cold weather. The reason they blink is because there’s not quite enough power to turn them on fully, but enough power to turn them on briefly.
  • The cause of strobing is usually poor grounding, bad wiring or connections which cause voltage leaking, which we can fix. Other causes are faulty LED chips or drivers, which can be replaced.