The smart grid

The smart grid refers to our network of equipment (stations, towers/poles, power lines) that transports electricity from the source of generation, delivers it to your home or business, and powers your appliances, electronics, and possibly your vehicles.

A smart grid generally includes intelligent devices and information technologies that are connected together through 2-way communication systems. Electricity is sent out to customers; information about how and when that electricity is used is sent back.

This 2-way communication benefits us all, as it helps us to:

  • operate more safely;
  • maintain or improve reliability;
  • manage localized capacity constraints;
  • efficiently manage our infrastructure and evolving customer load and expectations.

When will Manitoba’s smart grid be completed?

Our network is constantly being maintained and upgraded. As that work is done, for several years we have been strategically investing in smart technologies. Our provincial smart grid isn’t something that will one day be built and launched – it’s an evolutionary process of improvement. In fact, our generating stations and high-voltage transmission grid is already “smart”, since it has a highly developed communication system that provides us with a constant flow of information about the grid.

  • We continue to enhance our generation and transmission systems, including our already well-developed communications infrastructure.
  • We are modernizing our distribution system to provide a high degree of system control, automation, and protection.
  • We continue to explore new and existing tools (i.e. smart meters and other smart technologies) that allow consumers to effectively manage their electricity use, storage, and generation.

For more information on our smart grid activities: