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Distribution stations

There are almost 400 distribution stations in the province. There are 97 stations in the City of Winnipeg, 37 of which are operating beyond their technical limitations; 8 stations are more than 60 years old. We need to replace or refurbish 20 substations in Winnipeg alone, at an estimated cost of $630 million over the next 10 to 12 years.

Outside of Winnipeg, we are making a concerted effort to improve the reliability of service and enhance the capacity of our system. In many cases, we are upgrading distribution stations originally built during the Farm Electrification Program that followed World War II.

In other areas we are adding new distribution capacity to accommodate population and economic growth. This includes upgrading existing distribution lines, building new distribution and supply lines and building new distribution supply centres.

New and refurbished distribution stations

These distribution stations are required to improve system reliability, supply the growing demand in the local area, and make plans for future growth. Built on existing Manitoba Hydro land, refurbished stations will include expansion of their station yards, new equipment, and the reconnection or relocation of feeder lines. As well, safety improvements are required with the aging equipment to protect our staff.

During construction in these areas, there will be short-term power outages as the new equipment is connected. These power outages will be planned in advance and we will attempt to contact affected customers in advance. General construction noise can be expected for the duration of the project. Some traffic delays and disruptions may also occur.