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Social responsibility

Thumbnail of the 2020–2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

How we work: 2020–2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The Corporate Social Responsibility Report, for the year ending March 31, 2021, is available to view, print, or save.

Highlights from 2020–2021

As our province’s major energy supplier, we are committed to providing value for Manitobans. We have a vested interest in serving our customers and province – because we are also customers and Manitobans. We take seriously the trust placed in us to responsibly carry out our operations so that environmental and social impacts are minimized and benefits to our customers across Manitoba are maximized.

Together, we are working to build a strong Manitoba and adapt to changes today and into the future to ensure our reliable, trusted service for years to come.

Value for Manitobans

  • Performed 68,855 scheduled line locate requests received from Click Before You Dig MB.
  • Provided financing through our Energy Finance Plan provided financing for 1,472 loans to customers representing $5.096 million.
  • Provided financing through our Home Energy Plan for 3,931 loans to customers worth $18.347 million for qualifying upgrades.
  • Helped over 9,225 families keep up with utility bills, since 2004 through our Neighbours Helping Neighbours program.

People power our province’s growth

  • Employ 4,954 individuals in over 80 different career streams.
  • Grown Indigenous representation in our workforce to 20.2% from 7% in 2000.
  • Capital investments of $1.275 billion electricity and $37 million natural gas.
  • Combined employee and corporate payroll donations exceeded $1,100,000.
  • Donated $8,000 to 16 employee-championed events, and $2,000 to 10 volunteer grants to local charities.

Strengthening Indigenous relationships

  • Awarded 167 contracts to 41 different Indigenous vendors in 2020/21, with a total awarded value of approximately $23 million.
  • Our most recent hydropower projects – Wuskwatim Power Limited Partnership and the Keeyask Generating Station – are completed in partnership and with involvement from Indigenous communities.
  • Awarded 22 contracts to our Keeyask Project partner First Nations, with a total value of exceeding $777 million.
  • Patrolled a combined 54,000 kilometres of our northern waters through our Northern Boat Patrol for safety and debris management.
  • Planted 104,400 trees at the Keeyask Project site to return areas disturbed by construction back into forest.

Care, responsibility and protection for the environment

  • Avoided 7.9 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions through net exports.
  • Coordinated the recycling of 1,014 metric tonnes of non-hazardous materials.
  • Reduced internal printing by approximately 29.4 million pages over five years.

Featured stories

As Manitobans serving Manitobans we’re making contributions to the communities in which we live and work – as shown in these stories below.

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