Distributed resource interconnection procedures

For customers wanting to generate up to 10 megawatts (MW) of electricity and interconnect to our distribution system at voltages of 25 kV or less, follow the guidelines and steps below:

  • Review Manitoba Hydro’s Distributed Resource Interconnection Guideline document (PDF, 374 KB), DRG2003 to ensure that the technical requirements are met.
  • Review our Distributed Resource Interconnection Procedures (PDF, 428 KB) for the interconnection study fees and interconnection and operating agreements.
  • It is the generator’s responsibility to secure all required approvals needed from the various bodies. The forms required depend on the type of customer-owned generation you are using.
    • Contact your local municipality or city to obtain necessary building permits. Search the Manitoba Community Profiles website to find municipality and city contacts and information.
  • Complete the Distributed Resource Interconnection Request form (PDF, 82 KB).
  • If plans include producing excess energy to flow back to the utility for a credit on hydro bill or export energy for sale, a Power Purchase Agreement with Manitoba Hydro must also be signed. This agreement will be supplied to customer by Manitoba Hydro at a later date.
  • Customers generating 10 kW or less must sign Registration form for 10 kW or less (PDF, 82 KB).
  • All customer-owned generation must be installed in accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) and be inspected prior to being energized.

Generation greater than 10 MW

For generation greater than 10 MW or interconnected to the Manitoba Hydro system at voltages greater than 25 kV, refer to Open Access Interconnection Tariff.